Gamenotes Week 3- NFL had Better Content this Week.

By Saturday afternoon, I was left wondering if I was going to have anything interesting to write about, usually my Saturday slate is chock full of good games to pontificate on, but so far the only interesting result I had was my 4-year-old’s first ever Soccer a game (a 10-4 blowout loss). I had to check myself, I wanted Lennox to play so good, and when the other 4 year old on the opposing green team was torching us, I felt myself thinking negative thoughts about the little girl! It wasn’t until I saw her at Bob Evans after the game waving at my daughter and having them exchange cute smiles over piggy pancakes that I realized that I am a psychotic. I so desperately want her to excel in everything she does and even more so in sports. Yet also I see what it takes for children to be the best and rise to the top in athletics, and I don’t envision myself or my children living that sort of life. Not to mention the tremendous amount of natural talent required. All this to say, why do I care so much? Can I stop caring? Can I shut it off? Am I going to end up yelling at middle-school refs? Can I enjoy watching my children play a sport even if they aren’t very good at it? All my personal whining aside, Lennox played super hard and said she had fun, and despite some early shyness regarding it all she conquered her stage fright and was brave and I couldn’t be more proud. Parenting is hard, kids are awesome.

Back to football of the American variety.

Battle for the 3rd best team in Florida

Florida QB Richardson is either hurt, or was taking the limitless drug in week 1 and has used his whole supply. It just doesn’t make any sense how he DISMANTLED Utah and now looks like he would struggle to get minutes for the local High School. Gators get ROASTED by Tennessee next week.

Gattis Special

Miami gets into the redzone 5 times and scores a total of 9 points. Texas A&M looses to App St. and then beats a presumably pretty good Miami team. College football makes no sense and I love it. These teams in the 8th to 50th best teams in the country range produce insane games with unpredictable results every week, it is the sweet spot for college football. Achane is the most exciting non-QB in college football right now, do yourself a favor and watch him at the next A&M game. The broadcast kept reminding me how good of a NFL Prospect Tyler Van Dyke was while he was missing open receivers and making poor 3rd down decisions. Isn’t the criteria for being a potentially good NFL QB sometimes fascinating? With a name like Tyler Van Dyke he will never be a great NFL QB, you can just tell sometimes. Mitch Trubisky, Brady Quinn, Blake Bortles, Josh Allen, those are loser names. Hire me NFL GMs I will be an amazing scout, very time efficient.

The QB name for Washington is Michael Penix Jr, you are going to need this information going forward.

Washington QB gets down right surgical with the MSU defense like a burst appendix (yikes that pun is a stretch). I think the whole nation was on their edge of their seat when RG3 on the broadcast began speculating was his new nickname should be. RG3 is new to the broadcast booth and he has already made his mark of not being afraid of saying the stuff people don’t really say on TV. But Big Penix Energy and premature snapulation this week is just rare form for him. Shoutout to ABC for showing the student section with the fans that had P – E – N – I – X painted on their chest. I bet that “X” guy was really sad he didn’t make it in the shot though….


I get these 6 teams and you get everyone else to win the Super Bowl, you taking that bet? Bills, Chiefs, Chargers, Dolphins, Ravens, Eagles.

Tua: 36/50 469yd 6TD What is this? The National Championship game?

Wait just a second here… Tua + Waddle + Hill + Gesicki is an amazing offense right? Like really, really amazing? They should run the ball less than 20 times a game. Does anyone have an offense with as many fun weapons? Hmmm, I can think of one team, who much the Dolphins, who typically suck, but suddenly look like they don’t suck, and maybe, just maybe, can beat their overlords of their division this year and take a gigantic leap forward for their Franchise. LIONS- GUYS THE LIONS


In the first half, I was spilling the kool-aid all over myself as I stand slack jawed at the most dominant half in Lions football History. Hutchinson was Aidan’ the Quarterback straight into the dirt on just about every drop back, and the combo of Swift – St. Brown – and Hockenson looked as good as any offense I’ve seen in two weeks. Thankfully, the Lions let Washington back in it in the second half and I was able to return to my mental safe space of “cautiously pessimistic”.

Pictured: D’andre Swift, about to score a TD

Dan Campbell had the boys crying during the post game locker room speech. Crying is COOL again. Thanks Dan Campbell, and thank you Bluey for Season 3, I have to grab tissues to watch kids cartoons now.

Hunter “Biden” Renfrow is going to want to destroy the Laptop of this game tape.

I can take no credit for this but it is too good not to share. Arizona QB Kyler Murray scrambles like a toddler who just stole his parents phone. Watch the hilarity here. Lets check in on my NFL Fun team of the year.

Not as fun as Jets 31 – Browns 30. But still fun.

A battle of “turn the injuries off” Madden running backs. A battle of “drafted much too high” QBs. A battle of “the team with the least fumbles” wins. Does it seem like there is a lot of fumbles now? Don’t fumbles feel sort of, random?

Predictions for tonight: Bills 32 – Titans 14 & Eagles 35 – Vikings 27

See you next week

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