Week 2 Gamenotes – A Buffet of Good Football

There was at least 20 good games this weekend. It really was amazing, having a good CFB and NFL weekend is so extremely rare, its like your favorite Chinese Buffet just switched from Pepsi to Coke Products. Notre Dame and A&M lose to unranked teams AND I get to have the perfect amount of carbonation cola to go with my General Tso’s? What’s next? The soft serve machine is working AND Aaron Rodgers gets blown out? The one thing I was missing, a Lions win, the metaphorical little fried doughnut balls with sugar all over them fresh from the kitchen. Instead we got… unidentified meat on a stick… and Alabama won.


I am stunned this one was close. I had Alabama by 40. But what I was not stunned by, was Texas making a ton of little mistakes down the stretch that ultimately cost them the game. Is Texas back? Is Alabama not amazing? Data suggests it is a little of both. Texas has to make one of about 6 different plays to put this away and they just don’t do it. Is this bad tackling or an amazing play by the QB? I’m still undecided. After watching the Lions I have discovered it is very, VERY hard to tackle an Alabama QB. I mean if Texas could have just had their starter in they probably win?
Texas Coach Steve Sarkisian reportedly tells his team they didn’t lose they just “ran out of time”. Which is exactly what happens every time you lose. A truly ironic thing to say after leaving too much time on the clock on your final drive. It is the equivalent of a UFC fighter saying he didn’t lose he just “ran out of consciousness”.

Jokes Aside. Gosh darn-it I wish I looked like Quinn Ewers.
Instead of Chinese food we get a McDonald’s bag full of cash.
I should have flipped the shirt colors. I spent way too long on this already. It stays.

PITT has an awesome environment. Two awesome games back to back and their fans are just downright loud and into it. It feels like college football when you watch them play. I am told they have a great defensive line but Tennessee’s QB Hooker is the most slippery “big dude” I’ve seen in a minute. Much like Alabama, they lose this game if not for some FG luck and a little SEC magic (better players). It’s the best version of Tennessee we’ve seen in a minute but they still tried hard to give it away at points. A win versus a ranked opponent on the road is always big, and we shouldn’t try to minimize it… We shouldn’t, but we just did. And it is of course way better than losing to a ranked team at home!

The battle of 3 day old sushi and chicken tenders. You don’t want to see either of these teams at the buffet.

Florida QB Richardson looked as average this week as he looked unstoppable last week. Both teams are good, and the SEC will beat each other up all year. And losing at home stinks but at least it wasn’t to a mountain west team at home, right?

Home of my 12th plate.

Achane single handedly scores two TDs and you can’t scheme your way into a single point Jimbo? You know who doesn’t lose this game? Saban (alternative answer, North Carolina). Wow my disdain for A&M has pushed me over to team Saban? That makes me uncomfortable, like an MSG induced bloated belly. Losing at home to a Mountain West team stinks but at least it wasn’t your 3rd straight loss as a brand new coach at a big program to a Mountain West team, right?

Chopped Liver Chow Mein

Marshall defeats Notre Dame through the cunning use of a QB Spy. Much like how I keep my eye on the kitchen doors waiting for them to bring out more orange chicken.

Leftover fried rice reheated in the microwave for too long that it now becomes inedible flecks of dust in your throat.

Remember last week when I celebrated the WVU vs Pitt matchup and how they should join conferences and play every year? Counterpoint: Iowa vs Iowa St.

The QB competition is over, sesame.

I have a lot to say about the QB battle but it boils down to this. Cade should be regarded as a legendary Michigan QB, and JJ should be the starter moving forward. This article says it pretty well.

Quick notes from NFL Sunday:

The Bengals offensive line is so horrendously bad it’s going to ruin a year of Joe Burrow. And hopefully just a year.

The Lions are not going to be great but I am totally satisfied if they are about this good. We did make Hurts look like Mike Vick reborn. He’s got that dog in him.

Saquon Barkley being good is refreshing because in college I remember thinking he was the most unstoppable force I had ever seen. I am rooting for Saquon. I am rooting for the Giants. Giants, my cool team to watch this year.

I’d put the Chiefs, Chargers, and Bills as the only current Tier 1 teams I see. Chargers vs. Chiefs next week on THURSDAY is such a gift. I’d take those 3 teams versus the field to win the Superbowl.

San Francisco continues to be a mysterious organization. “Jimmy G. was good enough to get us to the Superbowl but not good enough to win it so we are going to start playing a much worse Quarterback and hope he turns into Josh Allen.” You don’t get to take a win now team and lose to the Bears. I really don’t get it.

Congrats on Soldier Field beating it’s own personal best on bring destroyed beyond repair at a record setting Week 1 pace.

The Good: China Palace is the only Chinese restaurant in Midland still serving excellent Chinese food on the regular. If you have given up on Pi’s (like I have) give them a shot. (Takeout only)

The Bad: The Big 10 West is historically bad. I think the Big 10 is already a two team race (I won’t say which two because I like to be mysterious).

The Ugly: Surprise onside kicks have not been good looks for the teams that have attempted them this year. Am I playing the results? Yes. Are the results Ugly? Yes.

It just occurred to me I wrote this whole thing without even touching on Nebraska…. so for one final time: Scott Frost sucks. He is clearly the oysters of the budget buffet.

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