Week 1 of College Football was as Good as it Gets – GAMENOTES

Week 1 Recap

The Backyard Brawl

Thursday kicked off college football, but like… for real this time, and it turned into an instant classic. The energy in the stadium was electric, the rivalry was real, and the product on the field was certainly above average. I had my “told-you-so-zingers” ready to rock when West Virginia had the lead, but PITT’s amazing defensive line and Pat “Nard-Dog” Narduzzi’s never say die (unless you are talking about the MSU head coaching job) attitude pulled them through. These two teams playing each other was a treat. They should join some sort of… similar… geographically aligned… athletic… conglomerate, to ensure they play every year! Man that would be so cool, just imagine.

Both blowouts… right?

Michigan and Michigan State both played football games. That is about all of what is worth saying here. We can nitpick Michigan’s QB battle or Michigan State’s slow start, but I think over analyzing a week 1 match-up just doesn’t really translate to the rest of the season’s results. Michigan State did get moved to ESPN 2 for Tennis. Which made a lot of fans… cause a racket. It’s a good thing they managed to hold serve against WMU. You just love to see it. Or else it would of have us open twitter to begin the roasting. Either way, let’s all keep our cool and not get too high or too low about one game.


I know I literally just said not to fly off the handle from Week 1 results, and I think that still pertains here, but there are a few things I now know for certain. Dan Mullen was not coaching Florida very well, Anthony Richardson is an extremely fun QB to watch. And I did say this would come down to the last play… correctly.

Well… Shoot.

Georgia has another Death Star of a defense and Bo Nix just realized he’s Luke Skywalker from The Last Jedi instead of Return of the Jedi. Nobody likes Last Jedi Luke.

Google doesn’t even have a proper box score for me to copy. And the box score is EXTREMELY relevant.

If you or a loved one had to watch this game, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Call 1-800-PUNTERS now! If you didn’t like this game, you don’t like Iowa football…. which I think is most of us.

If you are going to make me “hate watch” you, at least make it fun

One of those rare games where both teams will go down in rank next week. Ohio State didn’t look amazing, Notre Dame didn’t look like anything at all. I am going to say something very, very, dumb here. CJ Stroud is not amazing. I promise you this will age like milk. But I said what I said.

Clifford STILL plays for Penn State?

Clifford doing that thing he does where he keeps both teams in the game right until the very end. Purdue doing that thing they do where they look impressive but ultimately lose.
Aidan O’Connell (Purdue QB) looks like he is going to be an outstanding fire chief for a small town in Indiana in less than 5 years.

a.k.a. Young Farva
a.k.a. Sgt. O’Connell
Brian Kelly made half a million dollars to suck at coaching this game.

The battle of two teams “who-really-should-be-a-lot-better-than-they-are-but-aren’t”. And man was this game epic. Just after UNC vs App St. put together the wildest ride I’ve been on in a long time, the Seminoles deliver us this masterpiece. Florida State had the game in hand and then just decide to run a pitch on the one yard line and give it LSU just to make it interesting. Only to have the game tying extra point from LSU blocked as time expired. I’m retyping the events not because you didn’t see it, but because it is just so cathartic thinking about how much LSU hates Brian Kelly already.

Cincinnati and Arkansas were evenly matched. It is an impressive job by Fickell and I don’t want to short-change them on the success they have had as a program. But they can go away forever now. (Or at least until the 12-team playoff rolls out.)

The Good
Athletic Quarterbacks.
Richardson at Florida, Daniels at LSU, Travis at FSU, Jefferson at Arkansas. Watching super fast QBs is not only enthralling, it makes it seem at times that their offense is unstoppable. I know Stetson Bennett is really good, but he just… doesn’t look really good, it just isn’t as fun. Hey Michigan, do you guys have a athletic QB who could make our offense look really good? Just wondering.

The Bad
No one wants to see Georgia win back to back championships but here we go again. Two SEC teams in the final four is more than my little Big10 heart can take.

The Ugly
Yakking on Camera.
I’m not sure how this can be remedied but could I maybe stop seeing so many players vomit? It’s a simple request. I’m not asking for a lot. I have to watch Ohio State vs Notre Dame I am queasy enough on my own. I know specifically what color Gatorade Purdue is supplying and they always struck me as a lemon lime type of club.

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