Seven Years with Hannah

Hannah we’ve been married for seven years today! It feels like an insignificant number because in a lot ways it is. Today is just another day in thousands more we have left to spend together. Plus 7 is such an awkward number. And yet, I can’t help but smile when I both look backward at the journey that got us here and forwards at the path ahead. The world says we are coming up on the alleged 7-year-itch and things could hit the fan at any second for us. I don’t know dude, I’m not buying it. Are you?

Pastor Pat said during marriage counseling that being a good partner is a decision and not a feeling. And day-after-day you make that decision really easy. You still say and do things that give me the goosies! It used to be a touch of my hand, now its seeing the touch of a Mother. It has evolved from a “primal want” to now a “spiritual need”. And sure some days are harder than others, just like anything else. But I still go to bed pleased as punch that THE Hannah Gold took my last name and falls asleep across from me. (And you know as well as I that I still get that “primal want”.)

Going through 2020 was supposed to be hard but going through it with you was fun instead. I feel a little guilty how much I enjoyed it. It feels so good to get closer to you still. Day in and day out I really enjoy solving the puzzle that is Hannah Ruth hour by hour. However, I have learned some things through seven years about us that I am certain of. Things that are no longer a puzzle. Things we have solved. Between you and I, here is what I learned this year:

You will always be the better gift giver.
I know I know, I should have known this already, but if this Christmas wasn’t the feather in your cap. I don’t know how you continue to impress and amaze me, but you pull it off. Ridiculous dude.

I can still step up in the Clutch:
You know I wasn’t sure if I still had it. When the pressure is on, and everyone is counting on you, and you need to pull through to help your team. Hadn’t done that in a while…. but when Lennox gashed her face open on the fire place and we had to drive to get stitches in the middle of an evacuation. I still had it. Calm, cool, collected… clutch. I surprised everyone including myself that day.

If I am capable of detecting a hint, don’t second guess myself:
I’ve always been a little slow to pick up on the hints. You don’t drop them often. Most the time, you just drop the hints and tell me straight up! “WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO ASK ME OUT MIKE?” But now, I am evolved, I am smarter, I’ve learned your ways. If my tiny pea brain can pick up even the slightest thread of a hint, run with it. Take control. Life is better when I take control and just do it.

I will stop doubting your attention to detail or ability to execute a plan when motivated:
When you say you want to buy new hardwood floor and get it put in the Living Room instead of our carpet on Black Friday. I said internally, that will look bad, and she has no shot . com of getting it put in (for a variety of reasons). I stand corrected. Even if you didn’t install it yourself. Not to mention the grill. Your hair. The Xbox.

Despite my best efforts, the kids will always like you more:
I mean come on, I spent all weekend playing games with them. Passing out animal crackers galore and as much cereal as they wanted. It was glorified promise land levels of milk and honey. And yet last night, when both of them couldn’t sleep? Who were they crying for the whole time? Mommy. Very rude of them to not consider it being our anniversary either!

Sometimes you don’t need me to talk, just to listen:
I’ve tried pretty hard to press in to stuff when you are talking to me. Long convoluted work story? I am here for it. I am asking questions, I am paying attention, I am engaging. And while sometimes that works, I realize alternatively sometimes all you really need is someone to shut-up and let you vent. Sometimes absent minded “uh-huhs” and “wow crazy” is all you really need. I’ll be your verbal punching bag whenever you want, my love.

You are my biggest supporter:
It doesn’t matter what I say or do, you are always, always, always there to encourage me. I can run by the craziest ideas from building a gymnasium to going back to school. And you are just like “do it, we’ll figure it out”. I wish I had that trait myself! I allow the heaps of what-ifs to wear me down. Even at great personal sacrifice to yourself. You say, “Go for it! Do it! Chase whatever it is you’re after! I am here to help you get there.” And that blows my mind every time. Feels like Godly love. True Love. Yeesh!
I got them goosies again, just now. (Self inflicted!)

7 Lessons. 7 Years. Think about how good I’ll be at this with a few more years of this.
Love You

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