Gamenotes 3.6 – Reading the Headlines

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Make life take the lemons back!

Right when you think Michigan beats a really good team and is turning the season around, it turns out the team they played, ain’t that good.

Virginia Tech might be good? Right? Guys?

Everyone was ready to write Georgia off but suddenly you look at their remaining games and realize they are a huge threat still. Oh that’s right.. they are loaded with talent top to bottom! I’ll still lean towards BAMA/LSU though.

It was much more “bar fight” than “cocktail party”.

Remember when Nebraska was supposed to win the Big10 and Frost was the savior?

These headlines or synonymous with blue blood programs having tough seasons. Which is why it doesn’t make any sense for Nebraska. Gosh I hate Nebraska.

The best part about starting the blog is I can look back and see what predictions I made if they are good. Well so far I haven’t had any, but one day I might! I said Utah would win the Pac12! Never-you-mind that Missouri prediction.

Short answer, probably not. Oregon losing to Auburn is going to be really tough to look past.

Lamar Jackson is special. This game was a blast to watch. And if you don’t believe in the Ravens…. welllllllll:

Last stop before this bandwagon is chugging along at full speed and you can’t catch-up.

The facts are this, Patricia (a defensive guy) leaves the Patriots and their defense gets much better. He joins the Lions and their defense gets worse.

Finally a headline I can agree with!

Planet Fitness sponsoring this Lions post and putting a picture of Patricia is a joke that writes itself (but I am still going to write one anyways). The Lions are the planet fitness of NFL. Trying to convince everyone to take them seriously all the time, pitifully average, not a lot of personality, and tons of delusional fans. It should only cost like 10$ to get in.

Not surprised they went with a headshot photo there.

Miami beat the Jets which will come as a huge blow to their chances at landing the #1 pick. Very disappointing win for them. Meanwhile Bengals just announced they are starting Ryan Finley. Bengals probably cheered like they won the Superbowl when Miami won.

I don’t know who said that but it definitely wasn’t the GM.

And you know I wasn’t going to leave this one alone. I’ll say this, refreshing that he didn’t try to act like it was an accident.

Hey guys leave the jokes to me.

The Fans: We want our stars to have personality!
Also the Fans: We will destroy you the moment you show weakness!

“Hurt Reynolds”— alright that one was good.

Hey the NBA is back! But my metrics indicate my readers NO DOT like it when I talk about basketball.

As in, he is giving the (rest) of his team a chance to touch the ball.

Speaking of my ice cold predictions.

Fun for who again? Everyone else?

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