Gamenotes 3.4 – Feels like Free Money

*Thursday Night Football that is actually watchable? Well shoot no one told me, I missed it! Even when good teams play it is usually terrible.

*The difference between the Dolphins and the Redskins is that the Dolphins are intentionally bad.

*Watching Haskins be really bad, was, nice. Hey guys look give him the Peterman treatment!

*A constipated toddler who you are trying to potty train is one of the worst possible combinations in Dad history. I’ve never prayed for poop so much in my life. I’ve never been so excited to see a full diaper. I’ve never written so many words about poop. Moving on….

*Do I need to have a really loud opinion on the Chiefs vs. Lions? I think more than anything it solidifies that Lions are legitimate. They are playing harder than I have seen in a few seasons. Of course, I’d take the win, but as I’ve said in the last 3 gamenotes, it all boils down to how we play in our division. The refs, leaving that one alone. I am usually a ref apologist and try not to see through my Honolulu blue glasses. But enough times of sketchy stuff happening in big games…

*I can’t trust people who would take a Milky Way or 3 Musketeer over a Snickers. Every time I eat a MW or 3M I am just wishing it was a Snickers. They are strictly the inferior version. Like Almond milk compared to 2%. Or Diet Coke compared to Coke Zero. Or Powerade compared to Gatorade. Or college football compared to the NFL.
By the way, Reese’s outclasses them all but belongs in a different category. That category being the candy bag at work today.

*Baker vs. Lamar wasn’t as fun as it should be. But glad Baker lit up the Ravens and maybe that dumb-dumb Rex Ryan can shut up now. Don’t get in a smack talk fight with Baker. He’ll plant a flag in your field.

*I have no idea what to make of the AFC South. Those 4 teams could beat, or lose, to anyone. I’ll take the Colts though. Little bit of Ewing Theory going on here with Luck.

*The AFC knows it has to send SIX teams to the playoffs, right?

*I watched Michigan absolutely dismantle Rutgers. Live. We beat them so bad their coach got fired the next day. And that, was not the most lopsided Big10 victory of the day…

*Penn St. beat Maryland SO bad that:
1) Maryland cancelled classes on Friday for the game, they also have to cancel them Monday now too.
2) Maryland actually used real life Terrapins as their defensive unit.
3) I thought there was a glitch when I saw the score on my phone.
4) Maryland gave up only 10 more points when they played them in basketball last year.
5) Watching the highlight video isn’t even fun because it just shows a guy in white running untouched in wide open spaces over and over again.

*Want to know something funny I do with my finances? Dave Ramsey says buy everything with Cash so you can feel the money leaving your hand. He’s wrong. I only feel money that leaves my bank account. As soon as that money gets withdrawn from the ATM, it is spent in my mind. I buy doughnuts at work every now and then and they reimburse me with Cash. It’s like 20 bucks. When I spend that twenty dollars, on gas station pizza or a t-shirt at K-Mart. It FEELS like free money. Part of this is a symptom of my wife being the accountant, she doesn’t see that money leave the bank account so I get to avoid questions like, “How did you spend fifty-six dollars at Marathon?” “Didn’t I send you to pick-up cheese and sour cream? Where did all this Arnold Palmer come from?” and “Sixty Dollars on ANOTHER video game? How long will this one last you?” The point is, it feels like free money, but NO. I’M ACTUALLY SPENDING THAT TWENTY DOLLARS TWICE. I am getting reimbursed, and that reimbursement is going towards funding a SEPARATE bad habit. It’s like the drug dealer telling me the first one is free so instead I ask for one of everything. That analogy needs a little work.

*Clemson does this every year. Narrowly beats a bad team to give us a false hope.

*Vaping is stupid and you shouldn’t do it. But the government going after it is pretty laughable. I have to admit. I do remember a time in my life when saying, “vaping is totally healthy and poses way less health risks than smoking” was something I heard all the time. It was either a strategically evil plan to push this narrative or one of those myths that gets spread by people trying to justify their usage. Either way, wake me up when we ban smoking.

*There are less than 8 teams who can win the Natty already. I think that is a worrying trend for College football. This topic is a long form article I don’t feel like diving into.

*They hype surrounding the Nebraska v Ohio game was laughable and the result was expected. You guys know Nebraska was really, really bad last year right?

*Gamenotes, trying to keep them a little shorter. You know, for the millennials.

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