Transfer War 12/22

  1. Webster defines the word Domination as such: The exercise of control or influence over someone or something, or the state of being so controlled. And what we put on display last night, would make Webster proud. Shoot, we held so much land last night it would’ve made the Roman Empire proud. A Tri-fecta for the Covenant as we managed to hang on to all three of our territories.
    I can’t write the history of the Restless Shore battle because I was not able to witness it myself. But what-a smile I had on my face as I hopped into the discord right as the clock hit zero to the sound of celebration. But I will confess, the celebration was muted. It wasn’t the usual hollering and chest pounding I’m used to hearing after victory. The win was acknowledged, @The Savage Khan addressed some rotational issues we had, we gave ourselves a short pat on the back, and then we got back to work. Restless was just the beginning, we had more to prove that night and the Spark was just getting started.
  2. Next on the triple header, Everfall. We faced off against our fellow Belovodye OG’s (mostly). And the result were similar once again. Despite the bolstering our opponents got from the foreign invaders, we had a few new recruits of our own. See we have a quality ovet quantity approach here in the Covenant. Quality like Petepan and Hydrate, who were already showing up HIGH on the leaderboard. Our rivals were stonewalled at every point. Unable to make even one significant dent in our defenses. Comms were clean, our roaming squad was lethal, our siege was in lockstep, and the glob was unassailable. Our rotations to every effort they made would make Sun Tzu proud. Towards the end, when our commanders finally let the leash off or our army, I looked out from atop the walls and what I saw was our best warriors just laying waste to the enemy. Warriors like @SalesConsultant , void gauntlet in hand, combining his void screams in perfect tandem with his S&S boys on either side, @Wulfor, Master of Midgets and @Akorath reverse stabbing and shield bashing their way through the front lines. While @JaceM3 and @A.Goat were weaving in and out of the chaos supplying arrows to foreheads. All while the best healers in the server were keeping us healthier than a stay-at-home quarantine.
  3. And finally, Cutlass Keys. Against our new foreign invaders. A mixture of purple and green (which Khan famously referenced pre-war when mixed together makes a murky brown). Our new enemies were confident, cocky, and worst of all teaming up. This war felt different, it was personal. The pre-war keep vibes were anger, a little anxiousness, a little uncertainty about our new opponents. But the spreadsheet knows all, we were quickly shuffled into our roles and we began to focus up. @Rikahna sat atop the castle walls and looked down upon his army. @Hrothgar95’s platoon, @Gandalf’s platoon, and Daddy Sales’ platoon ready to rally behind their leader. Rikahna would be the Pupeteer and his platoons the marionettes of death. He pulled the strings to and fro as we met them head on time after time. I could talk about the war strategy more, about how they didn’t take a single point, about how their futile attempts to take out our siege took about 24 minutes. But here is what it boiled down to, we were better players, and we under better command. We took the top 12 spots on the leaderboard, @itchycheeks (Slayer of purples and breaker of leaderboards, the first of his name, hail to the king) alone had more kills than their entire army. We were better A to Z, from @5G | Ordained Forgemistress to @Thorhees . We flushed that purple-brown shit stain all the way back to their toilet of a war camp. And sent our message loud and clear, Cutlass is not to be messed with. It was a great day for the spark, a victorious day. Across three wars we only gave up one point, a pity point if you will. And while the triple header was complete I’d motion we cap it off with a grand slam by defending WW and FL tonight. Belovodye belongs to the Spark. Let us remind the rest of the server of that once again.

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