[The Crucible of Everfall 1/23]

  1. January 6th following the loss @ Everfall it was written: “There is no doubt in my mind, this moment is a crossroad for us all… Time to work cross-company so we can help each other achieve our goals. Time to make sure each and everyone is doing their part for the spark… We lost the war, but we were only defeated if they broke our spirit. We were only defeated if we think we can’t TAKE it BACK. A great challenge lies before us all, let us endeavor to walk it together. ” This test would be our Crucible. Webster defines Crucible as this: a situation of severe trial, or in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new. And something new was made indeed. Moderate merges with Higabana. And while at first, like every merge, we had our growing pains, but over the past few weeks I’ve seen something beautiful happen within our company. The strength that made Higa so strong as a company began to step-up and lift us all up right as Moderate needed it. We lost our first attack, and Higabana rightly DEMANDED that ME do better. To become better. To remind Belovodye who we were.
  2. Steps to improving: Newly appointed Consuls step-up within ME to get us into shape. I remember very clearly, Ezekiel telling us all plainly, that if we wanted to be better, it was up to each us individually to be better. To take on new roles and seize the moment. I’ve seen Scar, Bennet, and Azoth Goat take up shotcalling duties. Massively improving our performance and vision in war. I’ve seen Zeke, Akorath, Lithee, and Alannie take up significant organizational roles. From organizing discord to getting the troops together for pushes. Breathing fresh life into our company purpose. I’ve seen our governor facing pressure from every angle, playing politics on every side. Rebuff an onslaught from the old regime, form relationships with pivotal players, and of course recruit difference makers to our side. With all these things trending in right direction for us, Everfall felt like the natural conclusion. But we still had a war to win. We still had our Crucible to clear. Our attack strategy was very strong but it took pivotal comms and moments throughout the war. I’ve watched the vod many times, allow me to highlight a few. (edited)
  3. Our first point went perfect to plan. Well executed by all of us and a perfect opener drafted by Bennet. Our second point capture was made possible exclusively by Zeke pulling his group back over to C, overwhelming them quickly with just 15 people. At the moment they made their push to stop us ScarX made a pivotal call to crash down on them between the points, delaying their ability to rotate. On final B point, a moment in which we so often struggle to get a cap. I saw our group 1 squad get a 7 man wipe, lead by a perfect initiation by Birgy in which he timed their respawn perfectly an absolutely demolished their back line. It was one of those moments so good the army let out a collective “ohhh my god”. Sales immediately communicated our advantage and the point was ours. Fort capture was our final moment, and it proved once again that nothing good is ever easy. They clung to defense as tightly as ever. But crucial calls from Alannie (not even in the war but making clutch plays), Talus regarding their war horns, and Zeke and Yarp got us to find our composure. We found our moment, we took the inch they gave us and then our top class mages took a mile. Raining fire and Ice and all manners of death down on that final point. Our siege men blackened the sky with cannonballs and arrows and we overran that final point. That final moment before the circle turned completely blue felt like an eternity. I looked out and saw all 50 of us, an army truly united in one goal, and a company that had truly become greater than the sum of its parts. When it all came together it allowed us this moment. Our voices erupted in discord. Our army victorious. We hung the banners that only been just tucked away.

    We cleared our Crucible.

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