Khan 6 for 6

(Khan and Covenant go 6 for 6). Not too shabby Covies. Reekwater proved to be a tough point to defend. The foreign invaders of zerging B while being flanked by musket men for the siege was an effective point of attack. They brought weapons of the void for our backline and laid the hammer down early. They quickly captured B after some back and forth. Mike Tyson famously said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in mouth.” And a mouth punch we certainly took. Was this army we faced the perfect mix of OG’s and new invaders? For a moment the army had lost a little faith, we had only given up one point in the last 5 wars, and now we had given one up right off the rip? Was the spark fading? It was not. We took a punch but we got right back up. We were slotted with onyx gems, we were RESILIENT. Our siege took damage but held fast to some of our key cannons. Our glob took damage, but help firm in their defense. Our backline was flanked but rallied their ranks. A and C would be enough. We fought tooth and nail over C, a point we would eventually lose. But when it came down to the nitty gritty to hold our final point. Our army was too well organized, our shot callers were too in sync, our army was too well buffed. They tried every tactic to take A, and time and time again they were met with lethal force. A full flank from the back, was rebuffed with ease. A huge siege line in the forest, was massacred in haste, a full zerg onto the point, was cleared with impunity. And now we get to enjoy our Christmas, maybe get some chicken nuggies with a Coke. (Khan obviously has PRB in that cup.) Knowing we put together the best stretch of defense this server has seen in a long time.

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