Holding Everfall Jan 2nd

  1. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” While this quote is famously MISATTRIBUTED to Einstein it has become clear there aren’t a lot of geniuses over there at the Shattered Mountain Folk. Time and time again they line up to capture Everfall and time and time again they are turned away. It’s like hitting on a girl that is out of your league, at first it’s sort of charming but at some point it just has gotten a little sad and creepy. They opened with something new, I will give them that. We couldn’t even spot them coming out of the war camp, and before too long we noticed the entirety of the Shattered Mountain Folk staying true to their name, standing on top of the far left mountain. They dispatched our siege machines with a 50 man firing squad that would make even the most vicious of WW2 generals jealous. How do they manage to capitalize on wiping out the siege over A? By proceeding to fail to capture A for the rest of the war.
  2. They split their army early and often, attempting to out rotate us, but with comms crystal clear and an army laser focused, they were unable to outmaneuver us in any capacity. We made a tactical call to give up C, and later lost point B with time dwindling, but A was never threatened and our walls remained unscathed. An easy victory? No. A Complete victory? Certainly. They are certainly closing the gap in terms of talent, what used to be a vast expanse in the talent gap has now turned in just a minor chasm. But I have confidence in our ability to hold them at bay. Our usual murderer’s row stood atop the leaderboard, itchy dropped a 50 bomb (…good lord…). But let’s take a moment to recognize some of the unsung heroes of this war effort. A fantastic war roster organized by Wulfor and Yarp. Fantastic glob management from Zeke, and of course, our point sitters. The people who sacrifice glory in the name of victory. It may be hard, but these people take the tougher roles so that we can all succeed. People like Cervantes, Blyant, Wavy, MrCheung, TrippyMan, Smokey, and Jane Cobb. You guys put in the effort that the scoreboard doesn’t show. But we can all rest easy thanks to you all, knowing our points are reinforced with the best tanks and healers on the server. You guys are the real heroes. That is how you start the year off. By dropping our own kind of bal… never mind. Great win, next round is on me.

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