First Light from the perspective of a Green Rookie (fiction) 1/20

  1. First Light from the perspective of a Green Rookie (fiction): [Part 1 of 3] I sit eagerly in the war camp as the plan is given to us. I feel honored to be selected, holding First Light for the Peacocks is something I take seriously. Progamr is going over the plan making sure we were all equipped for success. I feel confident, we took FL from yellow how hard will it be to hold them? When they were pushing FL we had quite a few solid fights, I am hoping this one will be the same. I’ve been assigned to siege, it isn’t much but its honest work. The war is about to begin, I take one last bite of beef jerky and settle into my spot, let’s do this. The cov pour out from all gates, it’s hard to get a read on their plan. Is it a B zerg? No. a 50/50 split? I thought so, but now I see Khan’s glistening armor streaking down the side of the battle field. Siege is divided, comms are going up everywhere, they are spread across the battlefield. They’ve made a progress at C, it is ticking fast. The call is made to rotate to stop the push and we meet them head on. It’s going well, it’s actually going well! Our force is smashing them at C… but what’s this? Their force is A!? I run across the ramparts to hop on a cannon from that side, but I am too late. Our foot soldiers decimated, A is captured in a flash. I fire a cannonball direct on to the point, and their force hardly flinches. Lead by a charge of @Daddy Sales and… is that lmKen?? WHAT IS HE DOING HERE? I felt my resolve dwindle slightly.
  2. Losing one point is fine though, however their force is moving quick, as fast as a gleamite meteor they hasted to B. A chaotic fight breaks out in the First Light Jungle, I can’t see how it is going, but I don’t see a lot of red skulls. One perfect grav well on the back of the point sends us sprawling. The pressure on C is still there but it is clear point B is in trouble. I let another cannonball rip, it makes contact but it’s not enough. @Ezekiel the Wise’s Mohawk stands tall amongst the crowd, flanked by tanks and Great Axe’s he is keeping them all at full health! He looks confident, completely unworried about the battle, totally in control… we were losing momentum and fast, and the whole army could feel it. I felt my grip loosening, our momentum fading… our wills… crushing… “WE HOLD C PEACOCKS WE CAN DO THIS”.
  3. The call penetrates my soul, snaps me out of it. One point defense is where we shine. They leave me be on top of the wall and my cannon is firing. We can do this! The point is ticking but we are meeting them head on, our force versus theirs in a bloody battle. And in this moment I look out at the carnage and I see it clearly, a precious moment, a pivotal spot. Le Burb is rushing their back line to take out their siege, he looks like superman as he charges Tex K, Bitter Peach, and Rikhana. Le Burb was our symbol of fearlessness, a figurehead of death. I can almost hear his French Canadian war cry as he makes his heroic charge. But from the throng @yarpxd’s spear lashes out, and sweeps him off his feet, gptheDon follows up quickly to chain the CC, and then the army was aware of the threat and they crashed down upon him like hungry wolves. He fights valiantly for a moment, but much like our army, in this moment, it wasn’t enough. With the sigil down so went the rest of the point, their army cleverly fanning out at @A. Goat’s command to defend respawns and flanks alike. They were pounding at the gates, and we were ready to make a stand, but holding this for 20 minutes felt like holding back the very gates of hell during the apocalypse. We rebuffed them once, twice even, but their force was too mighty, and the time was too great. Our temporary home was taken from us, a fading memory now of a distant dream. First Light had fallen, returned to the Yellow’s once again.

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