A Loss @ Everfall (Jan 6th)

With momentum swinging away from Yellow, WW defeat still sour in our mouth, and an obvious infusion of talent surging within our enemies, we were tasked with holding Everfall. Moderate Expectations were confident as always, but each time we were tasked with defending, our opponents got a little stronger. Each time we gave up one more point, we gave them a boost in their morale. With enough time, water will cut through rock. Not because of its strength, but rather its persistence. Tonight, the centerpiece of our Company, our pillar, our rock, was cut. I could scribe details, as I have done many times in the past, of people’s courageous efforts, of vital moments and crucial comms. But instead, allow me this moment, to etch a mark in the timeline, right here. Everfall was lost. Major defeats for Yellow in the past week. Reekwater has been declared on. Merger in the future looks even worse for Yellow. Discord is quiet, some bad blood brewing, tempers high. The Covenant is fractured. Defeat is a bitter pill to swallow. There is no doubt in my mind, this moment is a crossroad for us all. We can allow this fracture to become a fissure. We could fail to pick-up the pieces after being on top for so long. Let a wedge be driven between us all, and let this all fade away. Or (and I am banking on the OR), we can let this be the motivation we need. Time to push territory, just like the golden days. Time to work cross-company so we can help each other achieve our goals. Time to make sure each and everyone is doing their part for the spark. We lost the war, but we were only defeated if they broke our spirit. We were only defeated if we think we can’t TAKE it BACK. I took a loss today but I refuse to be defeated. I hope… no, I believe I can say the same for all of you. A great challenge lies before us all, let us endeavor to walk it together. For the Spark

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