Lennox is 2?!?

I have a 2 year old! A lot can change in 365 days of a human life and I can say with confidence that you (and I) have changed so much!

Lennox during the first year of your life, everything with you, your mom, and I, was MAGICAL. The first time you rolled over Hannah and I celebrated. When you woke up in the night, (which rarely happened) I could go to your room and pray over you and hold you. Revel in the moment of embracing you in the darkness, just you-me-and-God. When you learned something new Hannah and I could look into each other’s eyes and say “we did good” and share a moment of joy and love.

It’s all different now.

A variety of reasons play into this. Firstly, the challenges and hurdles of a toddler are much different than an infant. Instead of laughing and singing and making baby noises as I change your diaper, I am chasing you through the house as you scream “POTTTYYY” and are holding your pee soaked underwear like it’s a hostage situation.
Instead of being proud that you are moving on to big-girl food I am waging a daily war to make sure you don’t exclusively eat Cheerios and Dog Food.
Instead of wondering what you CAN do as a infant I find myself wondering what you CAN’T do as an toddler.

The second challenge is that we now have Bennet. You have been a great sister. I mean fantastic. You of course have your moments of jealousy or selfishness, but you have loved Bennet the moment you figured out she was staying (lol). Taking care of her, hugging her, throwing her diapers out, and often being the first to find her pacifier when the whole house knows she needs it. It’s obvious you two are going to push each other. I am excited to see your relationship evolve.

But different isn’t worse.

My Facebook memories show pictures of you turning one today. You are almost unrecognizable. You’re growing up so fast! You’ve been apart of my life for two years and I am so blessed, so honored, for God to allow me this opportunity. You make me want to be a better Dad, and a better person.

You are such a blessing to your Mother and I. I can’t wait to see what the strong, opinionated, likes things a certain way, passionate, little girl becomes. So I’ll make a few predictions, sure to be wrong.

Protector: You already seem to understand the concept of being a big sister, I think you have the same great maternal instincts your Mom has as well. I bet as you grow you will be a defender to your friends and family.
Active: Maybe all two year old’s are like this but you love going outside, going to the park, being in the water, and exploring. I am going to do my best to foster that love.
Talker: You talk a lot now. All of the sudden. Like a lot a lot. Your parents like to talk too.
Goldie: I think you are starting to look more Gold then Hays everyday. I thought you were gonna look like me at first but maybe you are just tan Hannah.
Strong-Willed: Finding a good way to say stubborn here! You know what you want and when you put your heart and mind to it you will not be denied.

I could be spot on with my predictions or way off, doesn’t matter to me at all.
You are my daughter, and I love you.

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