Oh How Quickly We Forget

Welcome to the NBA Off-Season. The undisputed GOAT of the sporting off-seasons. The month of July is 12 days old and there has been an off-season move in the NBA leading Sports Center every single day this month. 2019 will go down as the most chaotic off-season of all time and soaking it in everyday has been an absolute delight. The balance of power has shifted dramatically and the League is wide open once again with the Warriors Dynasty taking a major blow after losing Kevin Durant and losing the NBA finals.

The League feels like one of my 2K dynasties with it looking completely unrecognizable after ten simulation years. You find yourself asking how Minnesota has become the best team in the league and Lebron is still a 99 overall in 2026. But it’s so fun! Phoenix is still bad! Now the real world has 30 crazy A.I. GM’s too! Every sports news station will be taking it’s prediction on which superteam will be the favorite to win the Finals. The Lakers, Clippers, Brooklyn, Rockets, Sixers, Jazz, Celtics all make big time moves that thrust them into the conversation for favorite to win the NBA finals. When the experts start talking favorites to win the NBA finals the one team I don’t see anyone mention? The Golden State Warriors.
How dare they.

I think a few factors play into this: The Warriors big signing was D’Angelo Russel, a superstar in his own right that flies under the radar because he had a slower start to his career and has been hiding on the mostly irrelevant Nets. The Warriors also lose Kevin Durant one of the greatest players of all-time and historically when you lose a guy like that your team just goes away in terms of relevance. Lastly, Warriors fatigue, people are just excited that the most dominant team of the last 5 years is finally not the defacto champion, and excited to talk about ANYONE else.

But assuming Klay can make it back from his ACL tear before the playoffs start? They are going to be almost as good as they have ever been. The Warriors have proven that if you put shooters in their system and let Curry run the show, their offense will be historically efficient. With Curry, Klay, D’Lo, Dreymond, and Willy/Looney as a starting roster, that is the best starting 5 in the league! Three amazing guards, a center that fits their system perfectly in Willy Caully-Stein and the immense value that Dreymond provides, that lineup can score, defend, run, and be the same ol’ dominant Warriors we know and love. I think people sleep on Kerr as a great coach as well, both in adjustments and game planning, he’ll find a way to make it work. The table is set for Curry-Klay to vault themselves from Hall-Of-Famers to GOATS with an NBA finals this year. Sign me up at 12 to 1.

It’s finally fun to be a Warriors fan again.

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