Lennox is 1

Lennox, you turn 1 year old today. I thought it would be appropriate to jot down some notes. Maybe I’ll share this again when you turn 16. (On Facebook 3.0 or something)
I have a lot to teach you still, but what amazes me most about the last year is how much you’ve taught me. 
You’ve taught me about myself, what true love really is. To have someone truly depend on you to survive is an amazing responsibility. I haven’t called in sick once to work this year, I feel a real purpose when I wake up. You’ve also taught me what God’s endless love is for myself. I have a much better idea of what God’s fatherly love is for me now, knowing what I’d do for you. 
You’ve taught be about your Mom. All the amazing things she is are highlighted every day. Her love, her care taking, I’ve fallen in love with her all over again watching her be a Mom. You and I should both feel pretty lucky, she is an amazing woman and already a gifted Mom. She’s asleep right now right next to me, very pregnant, snoring loudly, she watched you all day because I was coaching a game in Owosso. Tomorrow, she will ask all about the game, wanting to know the details. She loves to let me Coach, I can’t help out as much at home, she just picks up my slack without complaining, she knows I love to coach and sacrifices everyday for it.
You’ve even taught me a few things about yourself. Your determination and stubbornness to reach things you feel you deserve has me a little more than nervous. Sometimes when I block your path from areas I don’t want to go, you stick your head between my legs and just scream. (You are your Mother’s child 😂) The way you smile EVERY TIME I come home from work, I tell you my heart melts just as much now as it did the first time. You say Dadadadada all the time. Don’t tell Mom I think it makes her jealous 😁. 
I love the little personality you already are developing and I can’t wait to watch you grow more and more. As a daughter of Christ, as a person, as my daughter, as a Hays/Gold. You are God’s greatest blessing in my life.
I Love You.


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